Typewriter Studio has ample gear to record almost any project.  Depending on preference, we use either Logic or Pro Tools on an iMac 27″ through two Apogee Ensemble 8×8 interfaces, allowing 16-tracks-at-once recording.


1 Rode NT1A
1 Rode NT1000
2 Sennheiser MD409s
2 Rode NT5s
1 Rode NT4
1 AKG-D112
2 Sennheiser E604s
1 Shure SM7B
2 Shure SM-Beta58s
1 Apex A130
various SM58s and SM57s


Steinway grand piano
Nord Electro 3 (73-key) electronic keyboard
Fenix XL-30 acoustic guitar
Crafter acoustic guitar
Yamaha acoustic guitar
Yamaha PSR-275 synthesizer
Yamaha DP 5-piece drumkit
Taye MapleStudio 4-piece drumkit
various Sabian cymbals (full set of AAX Stage, B8, and some AAMedium)
Danelectro bass
Yamaha Squier bass
Epiphone Casino hollow-body electric guitar
Mansfield electric guitar
Fender Blues Reverb amp
Fender Blues Jr. III amp
Yorkville Bassmaster amp
MXR Echo pedal
Boss TU-2 tuner pedal
2 melodicas
2 glockenspiels
Janta & Co harmonium
Brontalini accordion
various percussion devices (tambourines, shakers)
various diatonic harmonicas


2 Ensemble 8×8 AD/DA interface
iMac 27″ (3.4 GHz / 8GB RAM / 1TB drive)
Pro-Tools 10 and Logic Pro X
Behringer MX9000 Eurostation 24-channel mixer
M-Audio Octane 8-channel pre-amp
Ultragain Pro2200 2-channel tube pre-amp
2 ART Pro Studio tube pre-amps
Behringer Composer Pro 2-channel compressor/gate
M-Audio Studiophile monitor speakers
3 Shure SRH440 headphones
ART Head6 6×3-channel headphone amp
Yorkville 6-channel PA
various cables/stands

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