Services & Rates


Hourly rate: $50
Day rate: $300 (9AM – 5PM)
Evening rate: $125 (8PM – 11PM)
Project/Producer, Soundtrack Scoring, and Session Recording rates: please contact us

All rates include an engineer who will handle all the technical aspects of the recording/project.


Our most typical service is recording time/space for bands/artists, and we provide it on an hourly, daily, weekly, or project-based timeframe.  Our rates cover the space, gear, and an engineer with expertise to ensure your recording is as professional and polished as it can be.  We are also available to provide session recording for drums, guitar (acoustic or electric), bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals (harmony or lead, male and female), or additional instumentation (melodica, harmonium, and glockenspiel).  If you are looking for songwriting or soundtrack scoring, please get in touch and we can discuss the scope of the project and determine exactly what you are looking for, then decide on a mutually acceptable rate for your project.

The special Project rate is decided by discussion between the band/artist and the engineer.  Typically, a project rate is given by the number of songs without regard for how long it will take.  The band/artist then has the flexibility to record when the schedule is open until the songs are done, without worrying about the clock.  Projects which are given a project rate are scheduled around the regular hourly, daily, or weekly rated projects, which are our highest priority.  So, if you are not under time constraints, you may prefer the project rate.  A common sense limit applies, however, to the amount of time dedicated to the project.

The Producer rate is for those bands/artists who want a full producer, not just an engineer, for their project.  Any of our engineers will offer advice and guidance for a project (ie. “let’s re-take that performance; we can get a better one”, etc.), but full pre-production, studio time, and post-production for a given project falls under the Producer rate, which will depend on the scope of the project.  The producer’s job starts with pre-production, from songwriting to arrangement to choices that affect the sonic texture and “feel” of the project.  The producer is on-hand through the recording process, usually serving as engineer, and taking care to ensure the project sounds the way it should, as decided by the band/artist and the producer.  Finally the producer guides the final stages, overseeing the mixing and mastering of the project until a completed master is delivered to the band/artist.  The whole process often takes a few months, at minimum.

Session recording is done on a per-song basis, with rates determined by the length and complexity of the recording process.  The band/artist provides us with the session files (anything from scratch vocals/instrument to a fully produced performance) and we record the new part(s), following the direction of the band/artist or producer of the song.  This can be done long-distance (ie. the band/artist or producer don’t need to be in the studio during the recording), and we will always record until you are satisfied with the result.

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