The Blackest Sacrament Achievement for the Elder Scrolls Online requires you to kill 21 targets in daily quests you receive from Speaker Terenus in the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary, which you can find in the Gold Coast zone. These targets may seem random, but they actually have a very specific pattern — and you can even get lucky and have 2 targets in one quest!


  1. How To Start The Blackest Sacrament Quest
  2. Rules Of Engagement
  3. Schedule of Primary Targets
  4. Schedule of Secondary Targets
  5. Target Locations/Maps


You must complete the first four quests of the Dark Brotherhood quest line (Voices in the Dark, Signed In Blood, Welcome Home, and A Lesson In Silence). This unlocks the Blackest Sacrament daily quests, which you can receive from Speaker Terenus in a side room of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Talk to Speaker Terenus to get daily Sacrament quests

The quests themselves take place in one of three instanced dungeon maps: Trader’s Cove, the Sewer Tenement, and the Smuggler’s Den. Each map has some secret areas and shortcuts that can make your quest experience easier to complete successfully. Each quest also has extra challenges (or “rules of engagement”, if you will) that you must follow to get a maximum reward from Speaker Terenus.


Blade of Woe vs. Poison: One of the extra challenges involves using either the Blade of Woe (which you receive when starting the Dark Brotherhood quest line) or Poison to kill your target. Using the Blade of Woe requires you to be crouched and hidden from your target. Once you are close enough you will see a prompt (“press X to use Blade of Woe”) and when you press the key a short animation shows you stealthily killing your target. Using Poison to kill your target only requires you to have any kind of poison equipped on your current weapon when you kill the target — even if you kill the target with the Blade of Woe.

Secondary Target: You will always have a secondary target or objective to complete for each quest. This could be another named character in the same dungeon, or a specific artifact that must be destroyed, or a pet that must be killed. See the Secondary Target table below.

Leave Before the Overseer Arrives: Always kill your primary target last, because once you kill your primary target you will start a 2-minute timer. You must get to the exit area to stop the timer and achieve this objective. Note that you don’t actually have to leave within the time limit, just make sure you get to the exit/entrance. If you don’t make it in time, a large enemy appears near the entrance and begins stalking the dungeon looking for you.

Don’t Get Spotted: Speaker Terenus asks you to complete the quest without being seen, but what that really means is that if you are spotted 5 times (ie. “Detected” while sneaking, or killing someone) then you will lose this objective. You can safely be spotted 4 times without losing this objective. There is, however, an extra achievement for completing a Blackest Sacrament quest without being detected at all! Note that you can actually kill the Warden enemies — the ones who walk around with a lantern that interrupts your ability to stealth — without officially being detected so long as you kill them in 1 or 2 hits. It’s tricky to do, but since the Wardens can slow you down a lot, it can be helpful in getting you out of the dungeon much faster if you strategically kill a Warden or two.


The Primary Target changes at 8PM and 2AM (confirmed by ESO wunderkind Benevolent Bowd. Thanks!), so there is a “Morning” schedule (2AM – 7:59PM) and an “Evening” schedule (8PM – 1:59AM) to the target list. The rotation is fixed, so it is the same for everyone, and just keeps looping around. Targets followed by (P) require you to use poison to kill them, otherwise you will need to use the Blade of Woe. If you look closely, you can see that the schedule is the same, just shifted by 6 days. The quests always cycle through the three dungeons and the 21 targets in the following order:

Trader’s CoveTebeba (P)Nalosi Orethi
Smuggler’s DenBrunkaBorcholim (P)
Sewer TenementAndilo Andrano (P)Herminius Andus
Trader’s CoveSteidorMonsashana (P)
Smuggler’s DenAbizzaka (P)Savilian Colus (P)
Sewer TenementTalrahal (P)Alard Cerone
Trader’s CoveGeon AlinieTebeba (P)
Smuggler’s DenDaynil Uveleth (P)Brunka
Sewer TenementAojee-EiAndilo Andrano (P)
Trader’s CoveMabgrolabesh (P)Steidor
Smuggler’s DenEslendoreAbizzaka (P)
Sewer TenementLamzakha (P)Talrahal (P)
Trader’s CoveRinweril (P)Geon Alinie
Smuggler’s DenBur-WaskaDaynil Uveleth (P)
Sewer TenementDolwinora (P)Aojee-Ei
Trader’s CoveNalosi OrethiMabgrolabesh (P)
Smuggler’s DenBorcholim (P)Eslendore
Sewer TenementHerminius AndusLamzakha (P)
Trader’s CoveMonsashana (P)Rinweril (P)
Smuggler’s DenSavilian Colus (P)Bur-Waska
Sewer TenementAlard CeroneDolwinora (P)
(P) means use Poison to kill target. Otherwise, use the Blade of Woe.


The Secondary Target cycles through 9 targets/objectives, but each target has an alternate for a total of 18 possible Secondary Targets. Killing a named Secondary Target does count toward the achievement! You will see the following pattern in Secondary Targets:

Trader’s CoveDestroy the Engraved FluteDestroy the Special Mead Formula
Smuggler’s DenDestroy the Kwama Queen EggDestroy the Important Documents
Sewer TenementDestroy the Custom-made HookahDestroy the Dwarven Relic
Trader’s CoveGeon AlinieTebeba
Smuggler’s DenGeon AlinieLucky*
Sewer TenementHerminius AndusAndilo Andrano
Trader’s CoveMonsashanaNalosi Orethi
Smuggler’s DenBur-WaskaSavilian Colus
Sewer TenementAojee-EiLamzakha
* — “Lucky” is the name of the pet animal near the middle of the Smuggler’s Den map.


ABIZZAKA (Poison) – Smuggler’s Den

ALARD CERONE (Blade of Woe) – Sewer Tenement

ANDILO ANDRANO (Poison) – Sewer Tenement

AOJEE-EI (Blade of Woe) – Sewer Tenement

BORCHOLIM (Poison) – Smuggler’s Den

BRUNKA (Blade of Woe) – Smuggler’s Den

BUR-WASKA (Blade of Woe) – Smuggler’s Den

CUSTOM-MADE HOOKAH (Destroy) – Sewer Tenement

DAYNIL UVELETH (Poison) – Smuggler’s Den

DOLWINORA (Poison) – Sewer Tenement

DWARVEN RELIC (Destroy) – Sewer Tenement

ENGRAVED FLUTE (Destroy) – Trader’s Cove

ESLENDORE (Blade of Woe) – Smuggler’s Den

GEON ALINIE (Blade of Woe) – Smuggler’s Den

GEON ALINIE (Blade of Woe) – Trader’s Cove

HERMINIUS ANDUS (Blade of Woe) – Sewer Tenement

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS (Destroy) – Smuggler’s Den

KWAMA QUEEN EGG (Destroy) – Smuggler’s Den

LAMZAKHA (Poison) – Sewer Tenement

LUCKY (Kill) – Smuggler’s Den – NOTE: To kill Lucky without incurring any Bounty, you must first stealthily kill all the people in the central chamber. Then you can attack Lucky without being detected.

MABGROLABESH (Poison) – Trader’s Cove

MONSASHANA (Poison) – Trader’s Cove

NALOSI ORETHI (Blade of Woe) – Trader’s Cove

RINWERIL (Poison) – Trader’s Cove

SAVILIAN COLUS (Poison) – Smuggler’s Den

SPECIAL MEAD FORMULA (Destroy) – Trader’s Cove

STEIDOR (Blade of Woe) – Trader’s Cove

TALRAHAL (Poison) – Sewer Tenement

TEBEBA (Poison) – Trader’s Cove