Album Action For The Summer

We’ve had some fantastic activity in the studio over the past while! There have been two full-length albums released that were largely tracked and mixed at Typewriter Studio. We also have two pianos now — the Steinway grand and a Heintzman upright. This summer we are finalizing tracking and mixes for a new album by Lara Martin, and have been talking to our good friend Joel Battle about recording an album here before autumn arrives. It’s a busy time, which is always great, and it’s been highly enjoyable helping the artists we’ve had here in bringing their vision to fruition.

Just today I was working on editing a new song by Lara, recorded here, that is all cello and violin parts. We sifted through dozens of takes of various parts and arranged something that sounds very lush and fantastic! One of the terrible things about editing is that sometimes you have to cut out great performances and/or great parts because they just don’t fit with what you think the song should sound like. We left a lot of great moments on the cutting room floor, so to speak, but that’s not to speak against the track but rather to the high calibre of musicianship brought by the string players in the first place! I wish we could have kept every genius thing they did.

editing pulse of poetry

editing a new song: “Pulse of Poetry” by Lara Martin.

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