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New Gear, New Projects

We’ve been quietly working on a number of recordings and demos, both for personal projects and clients, and not paying much attention to our website! For shame. We have been slowly upgrading and buying new microphones, equipment, and instruments. We now have a Rode NT-4 condenser, perfect for capturing acoustic stringed instruments of all kinds. We have a Nord Electro 3 73-key keyboard. We have an Epiphone Casino hollow-body electric guitar. New instruments are always exciting, and give us more options for your recording! Check out the Gear page for a full list.

Grant deadlines just passed not too long ago, and we recorded a few demos for clients to apply to grants. It’s never too early to get a demo recorded for possible grant applications — get in touch and we can put together a quick, great-sounding version of your song for application to the next round of grants! Check out our Rates page for general costs, or get in touch for a specific quote.

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Album Action For The Summer

We’ve had some fantastic activity in the studio over the past while! There have been two full-length albums released that were largely tracked and mixed at Typewriter Studio. We also have two pianos now — the Steinway grand and a Heintzman upright. This summer we are finalizing tracking and mixes for a new album by Lara Martin, and have been talking to our good friend Joel Battle about recording an album here before autumn arrives. It’s a busy time, which is always great, and it’s been highly enjoyable helping the artists we’ve had here in bringing their vision to fruition.

Just today I was working on editing a new song by Lara, recorded here, that is all cello and violin parts. We sifted through dozens of takes of various parts and arranged something that sounds very lush and fantastic! One of the terrible things about editing is that sometimes you have to cut out great performances and/or great parts because they just don’t fit with what you think the song should sound like. We left a lot of great moments on the cutting room floor, so to speak, but that’s not to speak against the track but rather to the high calibre of musicianship brought by the string players in the first place! I wish we could have kept every genius thing they did.

editing pulse of poetry

editing a new song: “Pulse of Poetry” by Lara Martin.

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Headphone News & New Album Recordings Underway

Sifting through the many items of note on the internet today, I found an article about the best headphones, and discovered that Shure is considered the best headphone maker of them all. You can read the article yourself — Best Headphones: 18 Brands Ranked.  Considering that I have three Shure SRH440 headphones here at the studio, I’m glad to hear it!

all the music, all the time

all the music, all the time


It’s been a while since I updated the website, but we have been working diligently here at Typewriter Studio!  We have two clients working on albums right now, and we hope to be able to show you the results in the next few months or so.  Lara Martin is working on her second album and her piano-based folk-pop songs are receiving a very orchestral arrangement here that is sounding exquisite.  Bryan Gauer is tracking his first album, although he has a huge back catalogue of songs to choose from, so it is exciting to be working with him to craft the best arrangements of his best tracks.

Making a solid album takes time, and we aim to be flexible and work with everyone’s schedule to make a solid and beautiful piece of art without rushing the process, but still using the time efficiently.  These albums are already coming together and sounding great, and I can’t wait to get all the parts down and begin working on the mixes!

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Happy Holidays & New Music

The holidays are always busy, but we have a few early gifts here at Typewriter Studio!

Our first full-length recording that was entirely mixed here at the studio by Mark Martyre and Myke Mazzei has been released: “London” is available now and sounds great! A few overdubs were recorded here as well, and you can listen to a sample from the album, just click play below. We’re very excited to have our inaugural album released so soon after opening our doors. Keep your eyes peeled for more great albums in the new year!

We’ve also acquired a new instrument (a Fender Jazz Squier bass!) from Currie’s Music & Collectibles in Gravenhurst. If you’re near Gravenhurst at any time, you should definitely check out Currie’s — they have tonnes of vinyl, great prices on instruments and equipment, and a cornucopia of intriguing antiques. They also have live music on a regular basis (!!) and are just all-around nice folks.

fender jazz squier bass

new fender jazz squier bass, ensconced in velvet!

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Studio Additions

We are excited to say that we have a few additions to the studio! Some new gear/equipment for recording (like an M-Audio Octane 8-channel pre-amp!) and the mother of all instruments: a Steinway grand piano! This beauty was moved in quite recently and is in tune at the moment but will have her first official tuning in about three or four weeks time. Pianos are quite technically daunting instruments, and they take a little time to get used to their environment before settling enough to be able to be tuned by a professional. This piano has some history: it was once a player piano, sometime in the 1930s. It’s quite “normal” now, and we are hugely excited to be able to offer this instrument to anyone coming by for recording.

new home for the grand piano

new home for the grand piano

comes with comfortable seating!

comes with comfortable seating!

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