New Gear, New Projects

We’ve been quietly working on a number of recordings and demos, both for personal projects and clients, and not paying much attention to our website! For shame. We have been slowly upgrading and buying new microphones, equipment, and instruments. We now have a Rode NT-4 condenser, perfect for capturing acoustic stringed instruments of all kinds. We have a Nord Electro 3 73-key keyboard. We have an Epiphone Casino hollow-body electric guitar. New instruments are always exciting, and give us more options for your recording! Check out the Gear page for a full list.

Grant deadlines just passed not too long ago, and we recorded a few demos for clients to apply to grants. It’s never too early to get a demo recorded for possible grant applications — get in touch and we can put together a quick, great-sounding version of your song for application to the next round of grants! Check out our Rates page for general costs, or get in touch for a specific quote.

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