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Summertime Singles Season


Vinyl has been making a comeback for about a decade now, slowly regaining ground as a beautiful medium for music, both visually and aurally.  If you’ve ever wanted to hear your music on vinyl it is getting easier and easier to find affordable duplication services to make full-length vinyl and even 7-inch singles.  With that in mind, summer here at Typewriter Studios is singles season!  Record an A-side and a B-side at our studio space for $350 if you’re a full band, or $300 if you’re a singer-songwriter.  Only want to record one song?  That’s just $200 for a full band or $160 for a singer-songwriter!  This deal will last through July and August, and you get as much time as you need to record your songs and receive a final mix.  You also get an engineer/producer and access to all our gear and instruments, from our stately grand piano down to our lowly, hardworking SM58s!

Get in touch today about making an old-school vinyl single for your fans!  Contact for more info.


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Fall Special — Folk Music Ontario!

For a limited time, we’re offering a special rate: one song for $200!!! Contact us and let’s discuss the best way to make this happen — this deal is especially meant for those musicians who are attending the Folk Music Ontario conference, but others can take advantage as well in the spirit of what FMO is all about: community fostering talent.

This incredible deal is for singer-songwriters/duos to record one complete song, regardless of how long it takes. If you’re a full band, you can do the same for just $300. As much studio time as is needed to complete the song to your satisfaction! At the end you will have a fully mixed, final version that you can master and release as a single, give to fans, use for grant applications, or use for promotional/publicity purposes. You may also, if you’d like, receive the full Pro Tools files and stems in WAV format. That gives you the flexibility to change any aspect of the song in the future, if you’d like.

So get in touch: This is a limited time special offer!

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